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Developmental/Structural Editing
An overall analysis of a completed manuscript that includes a detailed report on theme, plot, character development, plausibility, setting and imagery, dialogue, style, and structure. In partnership with the author, a development plan for the manuscript will be created.

This service does not include proofreading or copy editing services. Request a quote.

Edits-4U Services
Edits-4U provides its customers with high-end editing services personalized for their unique needs. I am available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be treated with respect and courtesy, and your project will be completed on time.
Copy Editing (Two Revisions Max.)
  • Sentence rewrites/recasts and suggestions to improve clarity, flow, or tone
  • Deletion of repetitive phrases, words, and inappropriate jargon
  • Query authors regarding inconsistency, apparent errors in fact or logic, and missing information
  • Correct or query paragraphs out of chronological order or other order
  • Timeline analysis
  • Fact checking
  • Proofreading services (included)

$2500 and up or $7.50/pp and up (whichever is greatest), academic copy editing $3500 and up or $9.50/pp and up (whichever is greatest)
Proofreading (One Revision Max.)
  • Grammar and spelling errors marked up
  • Typos fixed
  • Punctuation corrections
  • Timeline analysis (light)
  • Fact checking (light)

$1500 and up or $5.00/pp and up (whichever is greatest), academic proofreading $2000 and up or $6.50/pp and up (whichever is greatest)
Editing Services
Full payment is required to initiate engagement. A written services agreement must also be signed before any services will start.

NOTE: The actual cost of the service is based on whichever is greatest — the fixed fee or the per page fee. The manuscript's pages will be counted.
Ad Hoc Editing
The editing of ad hoc projects (e.g., website copy, digital content, newsletters, emails, advertising/marketing collateral, press releases, technical documents, etc.) is charged an hourly rate of $100 (2-hour minimum).

Request a quote.