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Developmental Editing
Edits-4U Services
Copy Editing (2 Revisions Max.)
Proofreading (1 Revision Max.)
A thorough and in-depth edit of the entire manuscript examining all elements of an author’s writing, from single words and the phrasing of individual sentences to overall structure and style. The assessment also addresses plot holes or gaps, problematic characterization, and all other existing material.

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At Edits-4U, I take care to provide my customers with high-quality editing services. I am professional, meticulous, efficient, and fast.

Editing Services
A thorough examination of the text that includes making changes to perfect the manuscript by improving accuracy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and elimination of redundancies in the text. 

Style consistency is checked while ensuring the author’s personal style remains intact through smaller details such as hyphenation and capitalization. A bit of line editing is also done to address issues like baggy dialogue, tonal inconsistencies, run-on sentences, and other such tics that may affect the reading experience.

Proofreading services are also included.​

$1,000 or $3.50/page (whichever is greater)
Correction of unintentional errors in spelling, grammar, and mechanics. A review of the book’s aesthetics: page design and typesetting. Facts and timelines are also checked for accuracy.​

$750 or $2.50/page (whichever is greater)
If you have any questions concerning services or prices, please don't hesitate to contact me.